About Arrow Head

Cutting Tree Branch



You’ve reached the website location of Arrow Head Tree Service, one of the leading tree cutting and removal companies in the western Washington area. As natives of the Pacific North West region, we are no stranger to taking care of business when it comes to trees.

On this page, you will find out a little bit about us and how we got to loving what we do for a living. Read on down below to get to know us!

Our Story

The Beginning

We started out as your average Pacific North West teenage brothers. We went to basement shows, hiked, and skied in most of our free time. However, getting money to go to shows and hit the slopes was a difficult task. We weren’t interested in the food service industry, and we sure didn’t like doing janitorial work. However, we realized we liked working with wood and trees. We had had some previous experience landscaping at our parents’ house and had done some tree removal and branch cutting.

So, we decided that we would launch a small time business trimming branches and removing potentially dangerous trees in the neighborhood. Our work became well known within our neighborhood. Other nearby neighborhoods began to notice our work and we started to get calls from all over the area for tree care services.

As a result, we expanded and made this tree service our full time job after we got out of high school. Now our staff is thirty people strong and we’ve been cutting trees ever since!